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The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority's "recognized" institutions

Do the authorities overlook research in the field of radiation protection? For example, damage from the pulsation of the AMS meters – or damage from weak electromagnetic fields, such as mobile phone radiation?

What ethical principles are behind the first vaccine sticks?

Behind the authorities' vaccination strategy is an ethical chaos.

Norwegian radiation protection is based on a heavily criticized foundation

What does the Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety disregard, according to this post?

Has the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority stuck its head in the sand?

Several state expert committees in other European countries conclude with a real risk of harmful effects.

Medication with off-taste

In this article, author Åse Dragland criticizes widespread medication. There is no evidence that long-term treatment with Ritalin or antipsychotics is good. Many mentally ill people experience themselves as zombies without thoughts, feelings, taste and smell.

Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety – worrying misinformation?

The Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety is criticized in this article for not engaging in significant amounts of research on radiation hazards.

What the Oslo Fjord needs most now

According to this article, the Norwegian Environment Agency's "Rescue Plan for the Oslo Fjord" talks down a real restoration of the fjord. Life on the shore and the fjord needs restoration on nature's own terms. The article is written together with Norith Eckbo.