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The three ecologies

Air-Conditioning: What connects the city of Syracuse with the UN and a French philosopher?

Massive change

BRUCE MAU: How about a look back over 30 years, to be able to see and act into the future?

A liberal left?

Accelerationism: Several thinkers believe it is possible for what they call a rather complacent left to carve out a better and freer future through capitalism and technology.

The masses and the people

PSYCHOLOGY: Is it possible to understand why the majority choose a leader or a slave-like existence?

Bjørneboe, Gateavisa, and post-anarchism

Is it possible that traits from anarchism still have great validity for some of us today?

Palestine in our century

Palestine Annex: Palestine magazine in our century has both a current and historical perspective on # Middle East #'s long nuclear conflict over Palestine. Although it is well known, it is often with little detailed knowledge.

Where are we going now?

Is globalization an evil that should now be fought? No, it's more nuanced. We who have an international orientering looks with fear at how international cooperation is now weakening with the pandemic.

MODERN TIMES: Quarterly magazine next!

It was time to settle, now in our sixth year for today's MODERN TIMES. Not only is the world changing with a pandemic (see otherwise in the newspaper), but the public has also changed dramatically over the past decade.

Book reviews

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Comment: Power without a mandate

Last week, the G-20 countries gathered for a summit in Seoul. G-20 is an improvement from G-8, but does not meet the minimum requirements for openness and public responsibility.

Norway is leading arms shipments

Norway is leading the coordination of sea transport for NATO countries in the newly created Sealift Coordination Cell. The current task may be shipping military equipment to the Iraq war.

Surrealist cows and Trojan women

Arab movie days serve tastings from all eleven Arab countries. Our critic has tried three of them.