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LEADER: Do Like Obama!

Paperless. Everyone is complaining to Barack Obama for the time being. But here's a challenge for Norwegian politicians: Become as tough as Obama. Stand up and say that at least 10.000 paperless in Norway should be allowed to stay!

LEADER: Paternalism prevails

World. "The suspicions that are being investigated are very serious," said First State Attorney Marianne Djupesland of the Økokrim Corruption Hunter Team to the Class Fight this week.

LEADER: Monarchy for Fall

Departure. In the long term, this may be a historical event we experienced this week:

The 2. June Juan Juan Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón and Borbón-Dos Sicilias (76) resigned in Spain. The said gentleman is better known as Juan Carlos I, who on Monday made it known that he wanted to abdicate. It was about time.

LEADER: Disgraceful in the east and west

"Hidden Cold War." We called it that place 21. February what had been going on for a while in Ukraine.

Leader: Syrian acid attack

The Great Power game with announcer Edward Snowden can have tragic consequences for Syrian children.

Leader: Important, important value choice

The important thing in choosing 9. September is not the Labor Party vs. the Right – but rather whether one prefers the SV or the Progress Party in government.

Leader: Support the alerts

It is not just notifiers of over-billing in a directorate that need protection. Now it's all about America's new digital pursuer.

Leader: Tight balance

Six years have passed since Anna Politkovskaya was killed. Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide should take the opportunity to speak Putin opposite.

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