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Leader: The lessons of choice


Tuesday's leadership statement in the SV warns that a quarter-century era in the party is ebbing. And that a new spring may come for Norwegian party democracy.

Book reviews

Handke / My day in another country (by Peter Handke)An eternal relationship of tension between the individual and the community. With age, has Peter Handke gradually given up on rage?
Freedom / Everyone (by Ferdinand von Schirach)Ferdinand von Schirach will inspire a modernization of the democratic system.
Conversations with the speeds of light. The construction of the digital realm of the dead. (by Ole Sverre Olsen)Zuckerberg presents the visions for the 21st century, you should pay close attention to what is the concrete content of what they present of technology, researched in the laboratories of Silicon Valley.
Knowledge / Too Much Information (by Cass R. Sunstein)What should we trust? How should we use the information we receive in our own lives?
Dictators / These French from the foreign service,… (by Clément Fayol,…)It is your network of contacts that shows who you are and that gives you a job.
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