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Leader: The Mediterranean dangers of the economy

As extremists win in Serbia and Greece – Egypt took a historic step closer to democratic normality on Wednesday. The economic crisis also presents new political opportunities.

Leader: The lessons of choice

Tuesday's leadership statement in the SV warns that a quarter-century era in the party is ebbing. And that a new spring may come for Norwegian party democracy.

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Saudi Arabia's terror war on human rights

Norway's partner in the war on terror is leading the way by silencing the votes needed to overcome it.  

Soreness among strangers

Kaoi Oda: Toward A Common Tenderness
A suggestive tribute to the golden age of the avant-garde film draws me right in with its hypnotic soundscape – Japanese children's song, piano and a narrative voice. But then!

Anarchists against the wall

It is becoming harder and harder to oppose the system as Israel moves to the right.