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Permanent state of emergency?

corona: Are the European authorities truthful about how long the measures will last? Because you can not lock in a population for 12-18 months, before a vaccine has been developed?

Berlin stinks

BERLINALE: There is really something lurking behind the films at the Berlinale this year.

New times for war and evil

– Time to prevent more use of biological warfare, autonomous weapons systems and mercenaries.

The coming technological decade

Will increased control or monitoring in this decade eventually leave more to algorithms that carry out actions themselves based on so-called "actionable intelligence"?

What now, EEA?

The EEA Agreement is 25 year on year. What does Europe mean for Norway, and what does President Macron say about Europe's future?

On the way into the 2020's

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The conversation with Thomas Hylland Eriksen.

Gandhi's method

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: Fighting for peace and reconciliation is not easy.

What's new in the uprising

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The new form of protest mentioned by the anarchists does not want an overarching "narrative" about the events in Hong Kong.

Book reviews

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Ask Norway for help

Chechnya's Deputy Prime Minister Akhmed Zakayev wants Norway to push the Russians to negotiations.

Burning banalities

Christina Hagen: Jungle Basilisk
Christina Hagen makes a sharp stance on political correctness – but the confusion of style expressions clashes with criticism.

New judgment hides track

The 14. In December, the police officer Pavlichchenko received eleven years in prison for complicity in the murder of journalist Anna P. Who has given him the order, we have not yet learned.