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ENVIRONMENT: New Extinction Rebellion should be taken seriously.

Our dear NATO

MANAGER: Unfortunately, most people want to live under NATO's protection – in a self-deception of ignorance.

What about Italy?

The Italian author Roberto Saviano sits opposite me, four meters away in a black armchair. In the side scenes hidden behind the curtains stands a black-clad large man on each side – with his hands crossed, armed, constantly on the lookout.

The crisis when it comes

The next financial crisis will not be like the previous one.

Yellow vests, taxes and black money

Is President Macron the reason why the yellow vest has taken to the streets of Paris, or are the people wearing yellow vests just generally thoroughly bored by a guardian French state?

Book reviews

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SU lost the battle for power in the SV

Socialist Youth stumbled into their own tactics at the SV's national meeting last weekend as they tried to get their former leader Kari Anne Moe into the SV central board.

Classless schools

With this year's school start, Norwegian students encounter an everyday stranger ...

Bank success bump

Grameen Bank received the Nobel Peace Prize for providing loans to poor people. But what happens to those who are unable to repay the loans?