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Are you a "communist"?

My namesake Truls Øhra's new book, The History of Power (478 pages, Solum Bokvennen), is a thorough and revealing review of the abuse of power unlike solidarity communities. Let me start with a first point:

ZERO and the Nobel laureates

If you are one of those who think exhortations about environmental destruction are well exaggerated, you should not read on.

More than a human being

Peter Mettler, Emma Davie: Becoming Animal
Documentary of the Month: Peter Mettler's new feature film, Becoming Animal also has a philosophical depth, where it allows Canadian eco-philosopher Davis Abram to play an important role.

Liberal and anarchist

Weekly magazine The Economist marked 15. September's 175 anniversary with a manifesto against weakened liberal values.

The importance of photography

Does photo art have the potential to change society and politics?

When society is militarized

Many expect the authorities to provide a safe society, where there is no need to fear dangers, new enemies and refugees. But are we able to see the consequences of the authorities' political "sneaking" of more control?

Authoritarian or democratic?

Full-scale dictatorship, authoritarian rule, or the other half, democracy?

Book reviews

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Living in the true sense of the word

Gro Lauvland: Community architecture – rebellion!
Christian Norberg-Schultz's emphasis on local art has helped shape generations of architects. Can we build better than we do today?

The debate about salmon

The debate on the future of the aquaculture and fisheries industry is characterized by unclear intentions and a lack of long-term perspectives. It is more important to enable people to participate in the debate than to convince that "Salmon is important for Norway".

Kjell and Finn look back

Finn Gustavsen was starting Orientering. Kjell Cordtsen took over where Gustavsen left off. Together, they have been central to the newspaper throughout its lifetime. Ny Tid has had a chat with the two about the old days.