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Immortality and artificial intelligence 

Technology's artificial intelligence (AI) is hinted at by many as more significant than the discovery of fire and, later, electricity. So what are we facing now? 

More armament?


Transmediale in Berlin


Pentagon, Watergate…

The story of the Washington Post, and Nixon's attack, are reminiscent of President Trump's crackdown on the press. Criticism of covert abuse of power is nowadays affected in several ways.

New Time continues as before


Artificial intelligence

Totalitarian? At the Partner Forum in Oslo, we heard that Orwell was wrong.

Security or freedom?


From gender to control

It is not the usual gender differences (or #MeToo) discussed in What Helmer could say to Nora – and other essays, written by Dag Østerberg – now published posthumously at Gyldendal.

Book reviews

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Norway at war

It's time to call a spade a spade.

Our Pakistani tragedy

We Norwegian Pakistanis must stop building villas and rather invest in Pakistan. While Norway should admit the damage that the "feel good war" does.

- The school needs a system change

The Norwegian school needs a system change and clearer goals for how pupils can develop individually, says the leader of the Norwegian Student Organization, Solveig Tesdal.