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The West's home-trash party

One evening, a man recently called home from China. He presented himself as a former right-hand man and, according to his speech, he had hardly refused to serve during the flight. It is far from China to Norway.

Let people in when they knock!

Recently, a group of people knocked on the door to Norway. They were not European and had cut skin on their fingers. They were most likely "dublin". That is, they have applied for asylum in another country and have been rejected.

That's why "Desert Storms" are important

With desert Stormer Tariq Ali and Thorvald Steen have revived the hope of cross-border cooperation. Unfortunately, today's Norwegian 10-year-olds are trained to have a completely different perspective.

Big brother sees you

It is impossible to discuss the surveillance community without referring George Orwells novel 1984 which came out in 1948. In his society, Big Brother, the state power, is a totalitarian power that monitors the individual around the clock.

We answer when someone asks

Debate: Under the title "Ministry of Foreign Affairs on wild roads", Ny Tid's development editor Dag Herbjørnsrud (August 25) writes that I, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "continue the mission for Norwegian values" – as if we are trying to push the world our model and our way do things on.

Visvas from Vassnes

The problem with Bjørn Vassnes as a science journalist is that he believes he conveys important insights from natural science, and that anyone who criticizes him denies realities.

Prejudice and ignorance in the New Age

Kjetil Korslund's review of my book is a catalog of the worst prejudices and clichés against biomedicine, writes author Bjørn Vassnes.