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Skeiv Youth "sneaky Islamize"

Four out of seven members of Skeiv Youth now have a Muslim background.

Moral autonomy in the room

GAMES: The space classic Elite has come in new clothes, but it is the infinite universe and the many moral choices that are the driving force of the game.

First part. From the Invention of Vacancy

The invention of idleness – or the art of getting lost is an essay novel about getting lost and being alive, about going out into the world and into the stranger. This excerpt is from the first part of the book.

Capitalist Michael Moore

"Capitalism is evil," says Michael Moore in his latest film. He even demanded 100.000 dollars to give an hour-long lecture in Bergen.

Climate for hijab

The Norwegian press has written more than five times as much about the hijab debate as about the climate crisis.

Scrolling forward

Architect Einar Krog Grimsgaard (84) is not just a "watch SF" who started subscribing to Orientering in February 1953. Four years earlier, he started his radical career with Johan Galtung, studying mathematics. He is now ready to celebrate the newspaper's 60 anniversary.

Dada is dead, live Dada! 

Dada is 100 years. The small movement that created new meaning by tearing most of it into pieces has ideological and artistic successors everywhere – just looking around.

Road weighs the most

Domestic considerations such as roads and taxes will weigh heavily when Norwegian voters go to election 9. September. But that priority can give the same voters less influence and weaken Norway internationally, writes The Lancet editor. Professor Ciro Torres in Rio fears that the red-green investment in Brazil will be gone with a defeat on Monday.

Back to youth

While We're Young is about today's eternal adults, but also about ambition, envy and dysfunctional family relationships.

New life – new role

Two new Norwegian films depict how the first step a criminal must make on his way back into society is to accept his new role. Thus also begins all the difficult.

multi Queen

The music critics predict that Haddy N'jie will be great. She is happy to do that – if at the same time she is small.

The importance of leaders

Ny Tid chose to talk to three people about leadership at the Bergen International Literature Festival. A leadership based on finances, fear or autocracy?

On the way to a green shift

The 1. October the levy on biodiesel in Norway disappeared. "A step on the road to a green shift," says chairman of the Storting's environmental committee Ola Elvestuen.

Documentary wounds

Palestinian-Danish Mahdi Fleifel's films express the refugee's pain and despair.

The culprits of faith

Over the story of the deeply religious Mary hovers a most vivid fundamentalist ghost.

Top women in the US and UN?

2016 can be a brand year for women and politics. The United States will elect a president, and the United Nations will have a new secretary general. Will a woman manage to break through?

COMMENT: Unsocial media

The wave of "selfies" shows our self-centered moments. Social media becomes unsocial medium. Where is the aesthetics of today's exposure craving?

A group of French soldiers

Among the most interesting works of the year at the Cannes Film Festival is French The Wakhan Front – a metaphysical war film that explores how the West's hunger for rationality does not fit into the distinctive cultural meeting that war is also.

"Slavery goes hand in hand with deforestation"

Deforestation in the Amazon is closely linked to land raids, killings and slavery. Independent grave journalists are working to get to the bottom of who is profiting on the destruction of the world's most important ecosystem.

Aging policy

The 28. February at 17 I took a pedicure and manicure on West 79th Street, Upper West Side. It is stated in my notebook. Tender...

The scourge of culturalism

Is man inferior to his culture? A fierce debate, despite the fact that the settlement of culturalism is waiting. But there are bright spots, as in Aslak Nores fresh Ekstremistan.

Screaming smile

The novel Smil shows how images and symbolism seem far stronger than laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the book's own image use is not particularly powerful.

1968 – not completely dead

The collective rebellion from 1968 has slumbered, but the commitment lives on. The heart beats in festival-Norway.

What we don't do in our community

There are some things that are not allowed in our society. For example, it is not allowed to scream. Anja Breien gives us films that theme what we want and what we can.

Lessons learned from India

Indian Firaaq not only actualizes the choice but also succeeds in many ways better than Crash and Babel.