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An angry nation

Social dumping and political power struggles are two of the causes of recent days' violence against foreigners in South Africa.

Get stolen property

Last year, Norway passed a new law that would make it more difficult to introduce archaeological loot to the country. Since that time, not a single fitting has been made.

Wergeland's many sides

Henrik Wergeland started his writing career with anti-Semitic Jewish pieces. But he died as "Allah's sincere worshiper". Here are the jubilant's little-known pages.

Feminism's new spring

The Norwegian feminist movement is criticized for being distant, narrow-minded and inclusive. Are the Sex and Single Life Girls the Feminists of Our Time?

- Yes to district support, no to industrial agriculture

The Common Council for Africa's proposal on how Norway can help solve the global food crisis splits the Small Farmers' Union and the Bondelaget.

Sixties without filter

1968 must be demythologized. It was in fact a terrible year.

Assistance goes to war

Western countries are increasingly spending their money on countries where they also fight. In a world where military invasion is renamed humanitarian intervention, where has the humanitarian space become?

Current: Audun Lysbakken

Audun Lysbakken will give SV a much needed vitamin injection during this weekend's World on the Left conference.

Intellectual revolution. Now!

We need to wreck the totalitarian thoughts of the 68 rebellion. But the need for a settlement with, and a rebellion against, today's adopted truths is at least as great as 40 years ago.

To flag with the Constitution

The Oslo mayor has opened a multitude of flags 17. May. But on Constitution Day, it's time for a home match.

The vision of life store has reopened

Have we become more concerned with faith because suddenly there are some Muslims among us?