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The tree of life that disappeared

We should listen to the trees more.

Photographs extended in time

PHOTOGRAPHY: The most interesting thing about Fiona Tan's exhibition is the question of how the self is expressed through photographic images.

Barthes and the care of the human soul

The French essayist and theorist Roland Barthes would become 100 year by year. A look back at his writings calls for further thinking about interpersonal relationships and coexistence.

An illusion of freedom

Dubai facilitates a comfortable, lethargic lifestyle – at least just comfortable enough to avoid a proliferation of fertile culture.

Refugee Letter: Cattle on migration

A fictional letter written by children on hiking.

On the way to a green shift

The 1. October the levy on biodiesel in Norway disappeared. "A step on the road to a green shift," says chairman of the Storting's environmental committee Ola Elvestuen.

Hungry and beauty

What is our insatiable hunger for beauty? Where does it have its roots? And why is silence spreading now?

The state can create a sustainable, green industrial society

The time to flick and repair is over. Global warming is real, and it is time for great government ambitions and visionary investments.

One question of innocence

No one is guilty of the tragedy depicted in the White Sea. But no one is innocent either.

Flaum in the Eden of Europe

When Cannes senses the effects of climate change.

Fury and directionlessness

An anthology of young Danish poetry has received massive attention in Sweden.

Tough priorities need to be made

Choosing is at the same time opting out. But if we do not choose at all – where do we end up?

New poetry wars

Correspondent Letter: About the Arrogance of American Conceptual Poets in Racial Issues.

Free votes at risk

The same week the Nobel Prize in Literature goes to a former freelance writer, the Government proposes new cuts that will make it very difficult to give persecuted writers protection in Norway.

Manhattan's big bald – do we have him now?

Walt Whitman opened up the modern to a whole nation. Attempts to catch him once and for all become vain.

Art and squash cabbage

Is the ecocritical author a prolific breed?

How free is the independent film?

Independent Filmmaking Around the Globe looks at the world's independent film production, at a time marked by greater freedom and new addictions.

Life, death and metafiction

Italian Nanni Moretti is back with her best film since The Space of the Son, with the premier meta film Mia madre having several similarities.

Inner and outer mazes

In Denis Villeneuve's universe, everything boils down to questions about what it is that makes us free – and what is what locks us inside.

Beyond themselves

Several of the Norwegian documentaries at the Bergen International Film Festival combined deeply personal stories with significant social news, and were consequently anything but navel-gazing.

The ethos of the essay – the five legends

Ny Tid brings here the speech given by Carnera at Gyldendal on 1 October at the launch of the last Window, with a theme about the essay.

Machine and humanity

TV SERIES: What is Mechanical in Man? The Humans series allows for more nuanced reflections on the relationship between man and machine.

"We tell ourselves and each other stories to survive"

Interview: Ny Tid met director Joachim Trier before the premiere of his new film Louder Than Bombs, to talk about what experiences and what thinking it takes to make quality films.

Top women in the US and UN?

2016 can be a brand year for women and politics. The United States will elect a president, and the United Nations will have a new secretary general. Will a woman manage to break through?

Selfie – from selfishness to altruism?

Smile at your own mirror image and the world is waving back.