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A golden, green landscape

Romania offers more than corruption, poverty and architectural remains of Ceausescu's great madness – for example, divinity, national feast and optimism.

Organic grief work

Something in the world has run smoothly – something opaque, animalistic.

Meat with Frøy

Bokessay based on Knut Ødegård's Edda poems, volumes I – III (Cappelen Damm, 2013–2015) and Gerður Guðjónsdóttir's Blóðhófnir (Mál og menning, 2010) The veranda faces ...


In the thirties there is no prayer: this is where you will have to meet the little child again – what you lost somewhere along the way.

Poet, go into your time

Juliana Spahr has left the viewer's poem voice in favor of activist. But still, she is first and foremost a poet of relationships.

Nature's intrinsic value

In an in-depth settlement with his role models, Arne Johan Vetlesen seeks language for experiences that cannot be grasped with the classical rationality of philosophy. So what does – when nature itself speaks to us?

The Norwegian essay

A somewhat arbitrary – or should we say unnatural – overview of the essayist in our small country.

From aliens to aliens

FILM FESTIVAL IN BERGEN: A hypothetical visit from space, a plausible conspiracy theory about the Chernobyl accident, a personal experiment on the effects of sugar and a lively portrait of two teenage girls from the space crowd are among the documentaries shown at the Bergen International Film Festival.

Emotional power among self-pity soups

FILM FESTIVAL: Among some flat sentimentality during the short film festival in Odense, Gustav Möller's departure film from the Danish Film School, In the Dark, stood out with his stylized portrait of a forced woman.

Bold text, open work. One poetics

POESI: Heart that stops beating is the narrator's pulse.

Intensity without clipping

MOVIE: The more than two-hour feature film A Night in Berlin is filmed in one unbroken shot, by the Norwegian star shot Sturla Brandth Grøvlen.

In the beginning was the beauty

ESSAY: I'm looking for the beauty of which I still have bodily memories. But where is it now?

The war on children is becoming increasingly brutal

The world has never faced such serious challenges when it comes to children in conflict that right now – and the world community is doing too little to protect children from war.

Turn off those damn mobile cameras!

The other day, I experienced a civilian breakdown in the roller coaster in an amusement park. It involved mobile cameras and ruthless curiosity. And a lifesaver person.

To stroll through Via Appia's side streets

SOUTH ITALY TRAVEL SESSAY: Terracina's winding stairs and streets are full of cultural history, weeds, crooked cobblestones and wading lizards – and it is not always good to know if they lead to the purgatory, Rome or the resort's umbrellas.

Many faceted meetings in Moss

FESTIVAL: Europe is the theme when the Mill City Literature Festival is organized for the fifth time.

The cabbage crisis policy

TRAVEL LETTER: When the state does not seize those who fall outside, it is good that Americans have God – and cabbage.

Euthanasia in the family

FILM: The veteran Bille August has returned to his homeland with a well-played ensemble film about a difficult and brave theme.

Misanthropic meditation

Breathe in, and exhale: Read Dragseth's new long poem aloud. It is a fair, a meditation, a poem that leaves you sleepless and troubled for the future of the globe and of humanity.

Moral autonomy in the room

GAMES: The space classic Elite has come in new clothes, but it is the infinite universe and the many moral choices that are the driving force of the game.

Comedy with booze

Funny comedies about sex come less often than one would think, but The Little Death is a happy exception.

Vulture, Rats – and a coveted woman

Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 both start in the Middle Ages and revolve around alchemy, the occult, knights, ghosts, magic and the tension between rationality and belief.

Vipin Vijay's turmoil

For Indian filmmaker Vipin Vijay, film is a process of "inventing oneself".

Close to evil

Literature and art can create understanding and comfort in the hopeless.

Five pictures and one letter

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