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Climate change: More severe than coronavirus

Phie Amb: 70/30

The opening film at Copenhagen DOX: the young people influenced the climate choices of politics, but Ida Auken is the film's most important focal point.

Absorbed by the exterior

Gero Von Boehm: Helmut Newton – The Bad and the Beautiful

Photographer Helmut Newton's controversial cult status persists long after his death.

Authentic film art

Itonje Søimer Guttormsen: Gritt

Itonje Søimer Guttormsens Gritt is made with a different method than most feature films and is a fascinating and rarely refreshing Norwegian debut film.

Towards a paradigm shift in Norwegian drug policy

Kieran Kolle: The winds of change

Perhaps it is the opponents of the government's drug reform who should most preferably watch the documentary The winds of change, which follows three activists from the Association for Human Drug Policy.

The devil is in the system

Mohammad Rasoulof: There is no devil

The Berlin winner There is no devil is a strong statement against Iran's state executions and a morally complex depiction of living in a totalitarian society.

To love is to be seized by the incomprehensibility and generosity of the world

Ashraf Ezzat: Sea of ​​love. Transforming Journey to Egypt

Ancient Egyptian art and the later Sufi tradition have access to insights that modern man has gradually forgotten.