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Dead Nation (Tara Moarta) Director Radu Jude

Romania's bad conscience

HOLOCAUST: A doctor's diary reveals the troubling story of how Romania treated the Jews during World War II.
City of the Dead (Ciudad de los muertos) Director Miguel Eek

Everyday life with the dead

DEATH: The work of puzzleing about the dead in the cemetery is mostly about dealing with the living
Weapon Use. illustration

Arms exports: A shameful political theater

WAR INDUSTRY:When the oil age is over, we can survive war - if we turn right. Drama series Made in Norway raises ethical issues for the Norwegian arms industry.
Chasing Yehoshua Instructor Shay Fogelman

The radical settlers

A MURDERER: Human-hunting for radical settlers from the West Bank turns into a gifted psychological portrait of a tormented soul.
Army Director Kelvin Kyung Kun Park South Korea

On the health loose for the fatherland

MILITARY SERVICE: Kelvin Kyung Only Parks Army offers an insight into South Korea's first-ever service, where the individual is given a collective identity.
Kabul, City in the Wind Director Aboozar Amini

Everyday life in Kabul

AFGHANISTAN: In the capital, Kabul, which only gets international attention when suicide bombers attack, director Aboozar Amini is a fly on the wall in the lives of ordinary people.
Cinema Futures Director Michael Palm Austria / India / Norway / USA

Goodbye to the film reels

CAPTURE: Cinema Futures is both a poetic farewell with a medium on the way out and a complex analysis of the many sides of the digital revolution.
Adam Director Maryam Touzani Morocco, France and Belgium

Sensible Arabic film-painting

WOMEN: A sensual and strong relationship between women without a touch of Hollywood feel.

Saudi women's struggle mediated with soap aesthetics

CLOSED SOCIETY: The fight for equality and justice in a gender-divided everyday life is the theme of al-Mansour's fourth feature film Maryam, an "adult version" of the first movie Wadjda.
Saudi runaway

Technology for good and for bad

TECHNOLOGY: During the Sundance film festival and at the Berlin, several films with technology were shown as a central part of the action. What does technology do with us?

All the women of the world - united on film

WOMAN PORTRAITS: Woman is a sequel to Yann Arthus-Bertrand's panoramic portrait of humanity, this time about the female part of the globe's population.
Daymokh, The Ancestral Land Director Masha Novikova

No nation without (macho) culture

Chechnya: The great thing about Masha Novikova's latest film is how the film gradually gives you a sense of what's going on just below the surface.
Messiah Series Creator Michael Petroni USA

Jesus from Instagram

RELIGION: The Netflix series Messiah asks the fascinating question of how Jesus - or someone who appears to be him - would be received today.
All I am is Director Tone Grøttjord-Glenne Norway

Life after sexual abuse

ABUSE: With considerable impact, the documentary lifts All that I am presented the story to one of the children in the Norwegian abuse statistics.

The neglected and aging

PHOTO - GRAN CANARIA: The purpose of the book Getaway has been to investigate the Westerner when he or she "enjoys, dreams, escapes and recovers".
Welcome to Chechnya Director David France USA

Systematic persecution, violence and torture against the invisible Chechnya

CONTROL: A group of activists put their lives at risk in the fight against Chechnya's relentless persecution of LGBT people.
The artist and thief Director Benjamin Ree Norway

Portrait of an art thief and his girlfriend

THEFT WITH FRIENDLY: The artist Barbora Kysilkova makes a surprising request to one of the Norwegian thieves who stole her valuable paintings.
Far From Past / The Book of Sabeth Directors Nicole Foelsterl, Florian Kogler

Two post-war migrants look back

Two post-war migrants look back LIVED LIFE: Two short Austrian documentaries from Diagonale, the Austrian Film Film Festival, offer varied glimpses into the life and experiences of older post-war migrants in the capital Vienna.
This Is Not a Movie - Robert Fisk And The Politics of Truth Director Yung Chang

The war reporter close to the truth

PORTRAIT FILM: War Reporter Robert Fisk has the courage to monitor and challenge. He is known for reporting from the front lines in violation of the official line of politicians and authorities.
In Mansourah You Separated Us Director Dorothee Myriam Kellou Denmark, Algeria, France

Painful stories from the colonies

colonialism: Dorothee M. Kellou's documentary is a painful dive into the narrative narratives of Algeria's eight-year liberation struggle from the French colonial power.
And There Was Love in the Ghetto Directors Jolanta Dylewska and Andrzej Wajda

Where there is love, there is life

HOLOCAUST: The film is neither a historical account nor a teaching of facts, but a beautiful, cheerful and painful collection of memories of a man who lived during the Holocaust.
Ingrid Eggen, Knegang 5. 2017, Archival pigment print, 80 × 65 cm. © the artist.

A desire for materiality

PHOTOGRAPH: Can a photo hit us? Or can it show limitations imposed on the individual by familial and societal expectations?
Winter's longing Director Sturla Pilskog and Sidse Torstholm Larsen

Hope, fill and frustration on Greenland

INDEPENDENCE: The people of Greenland are dependent on the outside world, but they see hope for detachment based on their own natural resources and powerful investors.
Our Time Machine Directors S. Leo Chiang and Yang Sun

A need for dad

TIME MACHINE: Concept artist Maleonn uses puppets to make contact with his demented father.

The shaman and the Norwegian engineer

cohesion: The expectation of a paradise free of modern progress became the opposite, but most of all, Newtopia is about two very different men who support and help each other when life is at its most brutal.