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book review – literature

MODERN TIMES is as a commentary at the same time a book review with around 40 books mentioned in each issue (March, June, September, December). We discuss (preferably in an essayistic way) nonfiction Interior political, ecological and philosophical literature, but also literature in our time "big tech".
The newspaper of around 100 pages also includes the theme supplement ORIENTERING and / or the documentary film magazine MODERN TIMES REVIEW.
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To be able to say goodbye

PHOTOGRAPHY: Diane Jonte-Pace and David Pace: Where the Time Goes
A monument to lived life or an edited photo album for those closest to you?

Rethinking democracy

Democracy: David Stasavage, John G. Matsusaka: The Decline and Rise of Democracy. A Global History from Antiquity to Today, Let the People Rule. How Direct Democracy Can Meet the Populist Challenge
The Greeks do not have the patent on the idea of ​​«democracy». And are referendums a necessity to get democracy back on track?

United States of America?

pandemic: Slavenka Drakulic: Café Europa Revisited
How coordinated or in solidarity is Europe really?

The difficult history of anarchism

ANARCHISM: Ruth Kinna: The Government of No One. The Theory and Practice of Anarchism
Typical anarchist struggles such as the eight-hour day, access to contraception, liberalization of marriage law and access to military denial have largely been successful. But where does anarchism stand today?

Profession: reporter

Iran: Natalie Amiri: Between the worlds. Of power and powerlessness in Iran
In Iran, women can at any time end up in the clutches of the increasingly powerful and erratic Revolutionary Guard. It has a decisive influence on all public areas, from culture and the environment to the economy, politics and justice. And: Ebrahim Raisi was the name of the man who was responsible for the "death committee" – now he is Iran's future president.


CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Kristian Cedervall Lauta, Slavoy Žižek, Andreas Malm: Disasters, Pandemic! 2, Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency
Will we succumb to the temptation to want ignorance? The eco-revolution must either be global or it is nothing.

Julian Assange – a goldmine and a nightmare

BEFORE THE TRIAL 27 OCTOBER: Texts commented on and collected by Karen Sharpe: Julian Assange in His Own Words
The characteristics Karen Sharpe draws from Assange's work are that everything he brought forward should be open and verifiable, scientifically correct and reliable. But for power, Assange is dangerous – because he makes the whistleblowers dangerous.

"Dealing with illiberal states is a chronic problem"

USA: John Ikenberry: Power, Order and Change – in World Politics
We've talking to John Ikenberry about 'after victory moments'. Is there any real incentive for the powerful state to spend money to rebuild and foster better order? The liberal international vision is not globalism, it is intergovernmentalism.

The joy of the work of others

DO IT YOURSELF: Salomé Aguilera Svirsky: The Process Genre. Cinema and the Aesthetic of Labor
 Author Salomé Aguilera Svirsky dissects and refines a visual genre we know but have not learned to appreciate.

French warriors and Norwegian soldiers in the Sahel

SMALL: Nathaniel K. Powell: France's Wars in Chad: Military Intervention and Decolonization in Africa
No one in the Norwegian government can have read Nathaniel Powell's new book France's War in Chad: Military Intervention and Decolonization in Africa. Had they done so, they would never have sent Norwegian soldiers to the French military force Takuba in Mali.

Putin's swamp

RUSSIA: Luke Harding: Shadow state. Murder, Mayhem, and Russia's Remaking of the West
It is a type of crime that has merged with political misrule to a level where democracies are threatened in their foundations.

Just a feminist?

FREEDOM: Sylvana Tomaselli: Wollstonecraft. Philosophy Passion and Politics
Mary Wollstonecraft wanted a whole new society. Her demands for women's rights were only a consistent part of this. She put her trust in the French Revolution, and went on a red-hot attack on Edmund Burke, a former comrade-in-arms.

As a thinker, one must be "the bad example" faithful and grateful

PHILOSOPHY: Brian Benjamin Hansen: For example – examples that think
Perhaps the example is better for innovation than the question. Like Michel Foucault, Slavoj Žižek likes to bypass more traditional academic sources.

THE DEPARTMENTAL HEART – "It is a real pleasure for me to deny them access"

Maria Rosvoll: Zolo Karoli
Anti-Gypsyism is the latest yet widespread form of racism, directed at the Roma. Maria Rosvoll's Zolo Karoli is a feat of a book.

To mobilize against today's totalitarian states, neoliberal ideologues and oligarchs

ANARCHISM: Lars Movin: William S. Burroughs. From cut-ups to shotgun paintings
A recurring theme in William S. Burroughs is control and addiction, art, (quasi-science) and critique of ideology and civilization. This book is an emergence of anecdotes and funny stories.

Europe as a green superpower?

ENVIRONMENT: Bjarke Møller: The politics of hope
As a political project, the nations of Europe have failed to find common ground. Can the local and regional based on several "pacts" form the framework for a perspective – which will contribute to the development of a new paradigm?