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MODERN TIMES is as a commentary at the same time a book review with around 40 books mentioned in each issue (March, June, September, December). We discuss (preferably in an essayistic way) nonfiction Interior political, ecological and philosophical literature, but also literature in our time "big tech".
The newspaper of around 100 pages also includes the theme supplement ORIENTERING and / or the documentary film magazine MODERN TIMES REVIEW.
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At the micro level in the language

CULTURAL CRITICISM: Yoko Tawada, translated from German by Arild Vange: Without accent
Yoko Tawada moves between German and Japanese words – in line with Paul Celan or Roland Barthes. But did you know that tears contain the stress hormone cortisol?

A proposal for increased democracy, called «pluralist socialism»

ECONOMY: Pelle Dragsted: Nordic Socialism – Towards a democratic economy
Dragsted has a number of suggestions for how employees can get a larger share of the «community cake» – e.g. by shutting them into the corporate executive rooms.

The protest against the elites, against the government, against the bureaucracy and the representative democracy

3 BOOKS ON ECOLOGY: Mads Christoffersen, Kallis, Paulson, D'Alisa, Demaria, Barcelona En Comú, Debbie Bookchin, Ada Colau: The Yellow Vests Have the Word, The Case of DEGROWTH, Fearless Cities: A Guide to the Global Municipalist Movement
From the Yellow Vests came new forms of organization within production, housing and consumption functions. And with "Degrowth", starting with very simple actions such as protection of water, air and soil. And what about the local?

What happens after the collapse?

SOCIETY: Carlos Taibo: Collapse
There are many indications that a definitive collapse is approaching. For many people, the collapse is already a fact.

Psychedelic communism

RADICAL CHIC: : Mark Fisher (ed.) Introduction by Matt Colquhoun: Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures
If the left is ever to become dominant again, it must, according to Mark Fisher, embrace the desires that have emerged under capitalism, not just reject them. The left should cultivate technology, automation, reduced working day and popular aesthetic expressions such as fashion.

When there is politics in the courtroom

THAILAND: Duncan McCargo: Fighting for Virtue. Justice and Politics in Thailand
A powerful elite in Thailand – Myanmar's neighbor – has been trying to resolve the country's political problems with the courts for the past decade, which has only exacerbated the situation. In a new book, Duncan McCargo warns against "legalization."

Theatrical, circus-like, violent and threatening sexual elements

SURREALISTIC: Collected and curated by Bernière and Nicolas Tellop: The Seven Lives of Alejandro Jodorowsky
Jodorowsky is a man full of creative arrogance, boundless creative urge and completely without desire or ability to compromise with himself.

The «smart» interior of everyday life

GIMMICK: Sianne Ngai: Theory of the Gimmick
Sianne Ngai is one of the most original Marxist cultural theorists of her generation. But she seems keen on pulling the aesthetics down into the mud.

Divorce is as common in Niger as in Norway

COMMUNITY BREACH: Alhassane A. Najoum: The conjugal ruptures in Muslim sub-Saharan Africa
It is expensive to get married in Niger even though the bride price varies, and in the event of divorce, women are obliged to pay back the bride price.

Obedience in a corona time

Philosophy: Frédéric Gros: Disobey! A Philosophy of Resistance
 Why, where, when and for how long are we obedient?

Heads floating in the sky

MYTHOLOGIES: Roberto Calasso: The Celestial Hunter
In Calasso's fourteen essays, we often find ourselves between myth and science.

The authoritarian state capitalism

CHINA: Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg: The silent conquest. How China is undermining Western democracies and reorganizing the world
It is known that China under Xi Jinping has developed in an autocratic direction. The authors show how the effect has spread in the rest of the world.

Political or despotic?

PHILOSOPHY: Oskar Negt: Political philosophy of common sense. Volume 2, Morality and Society: Immanuel Kant
Oskar Negt asks how the modern political citizen came into being in the wake of the French Revolution. When it comes to political terror, he is clear – it is not political.

The whole world is overwintering in our time

SELF-HELP: Katherine May: Wintering – The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times
With Wintering, Katherine May has projected an alluring, essayistic self-help book on the art of overwintering.

To imitate nature in order to master it

THE MIMETIC POWER: Michael Taussig: Mastery of Non-mastery in the Age of Meltdown
Imitating another is also a way to gain power over the person portrayed. And how often do we see an imitation of the cosmos at a bar in a dark side street?

Up from the trenches

Radiation: Nina FitzPatrick: Tesla's Curse
Do the researchers in the novel find the ultimate proof that parts of modern technology are destroying human neurological biology?