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MODERN TIMES is as a commentary at the same time a book review with around 40 books mentioned in each issue (March, June, September, December). We discuss (preferably in an essayistic way) nonfiction Interior political, ecological and philosophical literature, but also literature in our time "big tech".
The newspaper of around 100 pages also includes the theme supplement ORIENTERING and / or the documentary film magazine MODERN TIMES REVIEW.
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A death sentence on the Syrian state

SYRIA: Khaled Khalifa. Translated from Arabic by Oda A. Winsnes: Death is a toil
A multisectoral, multi-religious, multi-linguistic and multiethnic state torn to shreds by the Ba'ath party, extremists, militias and rival superpowers, all demanding their share of the country.

Neoliberalism as a more indirect art of governing?

MANAGEMENT: Svein Hammer: Social democracy versus neoliberalism. Norwegian governing art 1814–2020
This is a book about what neoliberalism is – also as a more indirect art of governing

All against all

REFUGEES: Translated from English by Signe Prøis: Behrouz Boochani: Only the mountains are my friend
Unity is pulverized, everyone just thinks of managing on their own, surviving, tearing up an extra bite of food, a place in the food queue or the telephone queue.

Many Norwegian conservatives will nod appreciatively to Burke

A DOUBLE BIOGRAPHY: Claus Bryld, Translated from the Danish by Lars Nygaard: The Prophet of Conservatism. Edmund Burke
Since the 1950s, Burke's ideas have undergone a renaissance. Opposition to rationalism and atheism is strong among the 40-50 million evangelical Christian Americans.

An agricultural cluster – a state-of-the-art industrial complex

MAD: Eskil Halberg: Packed lunches for the revolution
The problem is access to food. Everyone must eat to live. If we are to eat, we must buy. To buy, we must work. We eat, digest, and shit.

The dictatorship of virtue

CHINA: Kai Strittmatter: The reinvention of the dictatorship. How China builds the digital surveillance state and thereby challenges us.
China's Communist Party boasts today that it is able to recognize any of the country's 1.4 billion citizens within seconds. Europe must find alternatives to the growing polarization between China and the United States.

Protest can cost you your life

HONDURAS: Nina Lakhani: Who Killed Berta Cáceres?
Nina Lakhani's dangerous search for the truth behind the murder of environmental activist Berta Cáceres ends up in more questions than answers.

The cultural binder

ROMAN: Don DeLillo, Translator Kyrre Haugen Bakke: The silence
DeLillo stages a kind of general, paranoid state, a suspicion that has global reach.

Creative destruction

GARBAGE: Find Arne Jørgensen: Recycling
Norway is not equipped for textile sorting. Although we sort rubbish, we are nowhere near places in Japan that can recycle in 34 different categories. The goal is that the municipalities are not left with any waste – and without garbage trucks!

The control of society and the unruly

THE LATE MOTHERS: Hartmut Rosa: The Uncontrollability of the World
People today are gaining more and more control over their surroundings – but are losing touch with the world. Where is the limit for measurements, quality assurances, quantifications and bureaucratic routines?

To what extent do you have to know in advance what you are looking for?

MEDIA: Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman, Justin Schlosberg, Lena Dencik: The Media Manifesto
Profiling, information control, behavior-regulating nudges and the sale of personal data should prove to be the reality, rather than the realization of the internet as a publicist network.

The healing power of the community

RITUALS: Byung-Chul: The Disappearance of Rituals
The compulsion of neoliberalism to be on, to communicate, to make visible, to be busy, creates, according to Byung-Chui Han, reflex, narcissism, depression and an aggressive psychological emptiness.

The relationship between art and the political

CONTEMPORARY ART: Oliver Marchart: Conflictual Aesthetics: Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere
Today's patrons use shameless art as a giant advertising pillar. And what can art do when politicians lie?

The dissatisfaction, the frustration, the inconsolability, the hopelessness and the mistrust

POLICY: Espen Hammer: USA. A superpower in crisis
: In the USA, the annual value of lobbying activities is estimated at well over NOK 40 billion.

Is renewable energy enough when the planet's total energy requirement is 15 TW

ENERGY: David Elliott: Renewable Energy – Can It Deliver?
We already have enough technologies to initiate a full transition to renewable energy sources. According to David Elliott, solar power also has a potential of a staggering 20 terrawatt – more than the world's total energy consumption

Living in the true sense of the word

ARCHITECTURE: Gro Lauvland: Community architecture – rebellion!
Christian Norberg-Schultz's emphasis on local art has helped shape generations of architects. Can we build better than we do today?