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MODERN TIMES is as a commentary at the same time a book review with around 40 books mentioned in each issue (March, June, September, December). We discuss (preferably in an essayistic way) nonfiction Interior political, ecological and philosophical literature, but also literature in our time "big tech".
The newspaper of around 100 pages also includes the theme supplement ORIENTERING and often the film magazine MODERN TIMES REVIEW.
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Manhattan's big bald – do we have him now?

Walt Whitman opened up the modern to a whole nation. Attempts to catch him once and for all become vain.

New poetry wars

Correspondent Letter: About the Arrogance of American Conceptual Poets in Racial Issues.

Politics as conflict

Chantal Mouffe locates several weak points in common ideas about democracy, but becomes unclear as she approaches the issue of human rights.

Inner and outer mazes

In Denis Villeneuve's universe, everything boils down to questions about what it is that makes us free – and what is what locks us inside.

Ethics when touching the body

When the body is touched for the first time, you become sensitive to your own vulnerability, and thus dependence on others. In addition, you develop into a sensing and sensitive person who can act ethically.

The Oil's Piketty

Did you believe God, Allah, Jesus and Muhammad have been the main cause of the world's wars and conflicts? Then you should think again.

Nature's intrinsic value

In an in-depth settlement with his role models, Arne Johan Vetlesen seeks language for experiences that cannot be grasped with the classical rationality of philosophy. So what does – when nature itself speaks to us?

Out in the comments fields

Reading the Comments is an academic approach to why we need banana peel reviews.

To touch the world

ARCHITECTURE: Sensory architecture can contribute to reflection, empathy and social responsibility.

To heal moral wounds

We have a duty to take on the war experience of returning soldiers, regardless of political point of view, says author and philosopher Nancy Sherman.

Know yourself

Don't think Montaigne just talks about himself in his essays.

The Norwegian essay

A somewhat arbitrary – or should we say unnatural – overview of the essayist in our small country.

Organic grief work

Something in the world has run smoothly – something opaque, animalistic.


In the thirties there is no prayer: this is where you will have to meet the little child again – what you lost somewhere along the way.

Poet, go into your time

Juliana Spahr has left the viewer's poem voice in favor of activist. But still, she is first and foremost a poet of relationships.