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MODERN TIMES is as a commentary at the same time a book review with around 40 books mentioned in each issue (March, June, September, December). We discuss (preferably in an essayistic way) nonfiction Interior political, ecological and philosophical literature, but also literature in our time "big tech".
The newspaper of around 100 pages also includes the theme supplement ORIENTERING and often the film magazine MODERN TIMES REVIEW.
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The European dream work

Mill City Literature Festival 2015 "EUROPE!" – Moss, 21. – 23. August 2015: One of the best literature has to offer is its ability to think of parallel realities and futures.

War of the future

We are facing a paradigm shift in how wars are fought, triggered by military technology in galloping development.

Misanthropic meditation

Breathe in, and exhale: Read Dragseth's new long poem aloud. It is a fair, a meditation, a poem that leaves you sleepless and troubled for the future of the globe and of humanity.

We are deserts, but populated by tribes

BUSINESS: Globalization, control societies and the digitization of zeros made Deleuze the great fashion philosopher worldwide. Has he become the fuel of digital capitalism?

Bold text, open work. One poetics

POESI: Heart that stops beating is the narrator's pulse.

99 percent apocalypse

Politics breaks down the literature of this occasionally striking American dystopia.

How to find meaning in life?

Fiction: With Islam as optics, Houellebecq shows a continent, and a France, which is dried out for both tradition and vitality.

The war that changed us

Inside Life tells from the inside about international relief, about the backstage game, and how it goes when aid organizations take part in a civil war.

In the beginning was the beauty

ESSAY: I'm looking for the beauty of which I still have bodily memories. But where is it now?

About real and imaginary threats to Norway

Continued refugee flows, jihadism and increasing resource scarcity could lead to a long-term economic decline, says Helge Lurås.

Many faceted meetings in Moss

FESTIVAL: Europe is the theme when the Mill City Literature Festival is organized for the fifth time.

Party culture is destroying democracy

PHILOSOPHY: The independent integrity of the politician must trump party ideology for democracy to work, Simone Weil believes.

Choice? No, why?

Free elections are a matter of course in modern democracy. But rather a lottery, says Belgian historian.

Damned Europe

Europe's suicidal tendency is summed up in Islamism, populism and anti-Semitism.

Imprecise criticism of capitalism

Engagement and temperament are good and good, but in her latest book, Tariq Ali is approaching the tunnel vision.

Academic freedom under the seal

ACADEMIA: Academic freedom is threatened by many teams. The fear of terrorism is one example.