Instead of a defense speech

Jens Bjørneboe about Without a thread, fra Orientering October 22, 1966.
The map shows where the most important discoveries have been made in the North Sea.

Who will decide on Norwegian oil?

OIL: Opinion in Norway must now be mobilized to fight to get the revenues from oil extraction from the sources off the Norwegian coast to benefit the population in the country. Now the question of extraction, landing and rationalization must be removed from the experts and become a political question. If it is not traded quickly, the oil will be extracted by foreign companies and further processed by the same groups abroad, where the profit will also end up.


ORIENTERING JUNE 1970: A young Vietnamese woman told of the torture in Con Son's prisons.

150 years after Lenin's birth

ORIENTERING MAY 1, 1970: The world over will mark the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth. Today, Lenin is a historical leading figure for rebellious people in the world's poorest peasant countries, writes Hans Fredrik Dahl in this article, emphasizing Lenin's role as dialectical revolutionary, politician and journalist rather than theorist and philosopher.

The lie of our time

ORIENTERING APRIL 11, 1970: April 9 was a result of the Norwegian officer corps' remission policy and nasal admiration for Hitler-Germany and all it stood for, says Major Svein Blindheim in this interview.

England hardly into the EEC

ORIENTERING MARCH 7, 1970: Strong opposition in Labor.
Photo: Finnmark County Library

The Sami minority is suppressed in the Nordic countries

ORIENTERING 21. February 1970


21. 2. 1970 President

35 books from Pax this spring

7. 2. 1970 From Karl Marx to current debate books.
Sabracore. Photo: Technical Museum

Not just cannon boats to Israel

ORIENTERING 10. JANUARY 1970 "We do not want Egyptian sabotage actions here at Aker"
Facsimile of Orientering 10. January 1970


Drawing: Ove

Blow at Christmas!

ORIENTERING 13.12.1969
Photo: Ronald L Haeberle (From the Original I 1969).


From the National Theater's performance AV Jens Bjørneboe's play semmelweis – from left Randi Koch, Joachim Calmeyer and Tor Stokke.

The rebel and his martyrdom

Jens Bjørneboes Semmelweis at the National Theater.
Rolf Hiller

About shitting culturally in your own nest

1. NOVEMBER 1969: Observations by Sigurd Evensmo

Palm increases Vietnam support – US economic reprisals?

ORIENTERING 11.10.1969 After Sweden has decided to provide extensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US criminal measures start a new round.

Ho Chi Minh's wills

ORIENTERING 25.10.1969 At the solemn ceremony in memory of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi 10. in September, Lo Duan, first secretary of the Vietnamese Labor Party, read this political will from Ho Chi Minh:

The US plans were real – but the defense minister still won't respond

ORIENTERING 6. SEPTEMBER 1969 On Monday last week, the West German magazine "Stern" reported that it had received a secret American plan for, among other things. ABC warfare in Europe. It states in detail how nuclear, chemical and biological weapons should be used in both Western and Eastern Europe. According to Arbeiderbladet, this has attracted "considerable attention" on the continent.

Was he drunk or was she his mistress?


The war industry is becoming an increasingly dominant force in society

ORIENTERING 12. JULY 1969 The close relationship between the US Department of Defense and industry is not new. The military-industrial complex has been an integral part of the US economy since the end of World War II.

Burn proudly

ORIENTERING May 31, 1969: What about napalm to Vietnam?

USA 1969


From this week's debate

Orientering 8.3.1969

The abyss of peace

ORIENTERING 22. FEBRUARY 1969 Iron Mountain's report is a frightening satire that strikes American social science and the armor industry. The research report is a fictitious document showing what would happen if peace broke, and concludes in a sober scientific language that war is a necessity for our social system. In this way, the book – which has now come in Norwegian as the Fakkel book from Gyldendal – can also be read as a shocking revelation of habit thinking and war preparations. The Danish author Carl Scharnberg chooses to read the book as an authentic and serious document and gives in this chronicle a summary of the "research results".