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To be able to say goodbye

PHOTOGRAPHY: Diane Jonte-Pace and David Pace: Where the Time Goes
A monument to lived life or an edited photo album for those closest to you?

Photography in a climate time

Copenhagen Photo Festival: Photography can capture nature, document it, but also process nature. Showcase the being, the exotic, the disappearing in a special way.

What I'm talking about when I talk about pictures

PHOTO: I brought the gaze of anthropology into the camera lens, it became my optics. The experience of several years in San Francisco, or the experience of having a little brother with schizophrenia – what does that mean for the pictures?

To stick together right into the fall of life

PHOTO BOOK: Some photographs in this book are perceived as ruthless, despite the fact that the photography was done among friends.

"I do not see beauty in war, but there is beauty in everything"

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Beauty, suffering, wealth, poverty, superficiality and raped children are different sides of the same coin, says photographer Marco Di Lauro, who spent a week with the Red Cross in Bergamo during the covid-19 outbreak.

"What we want to say 'yes' to."

PHOTO BOOK: Kajsa Gullberg: The House of Mirror
Photographer Kajsa Gullberg is a Socrates light in the sex club. The photographs from the club are blurred and reddish.