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Burning banalities

Christina Hagen: Jungle Basilisk
Christina Hagen makes a sharp stance on political correctness – but the confusion of style expressions clashes with criticism.

Intimate portrait of an iconic photographer

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato .: Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures. 
The name Robert Mapplethorpe probably gets most people thinking about New York's bohemian life of the 1970 century, controversies and his homoerotic BDSM photographs that upset the public.

The aspiring street photographer

Chinese Fan In photographs capture the lives, dreams and hard work of individuals in an expanding metropolis.

Photo book – an expanding language

The photo book fills a void that the digital viewing space cannot fill, and therefore becomes even more important for a generation flooded with images.

The living image as recognition

The use of photography and film for ethnographic purposes is nothing new. But vivid images are more than just entertainment and storytelling.

White trash

People look towards the lens, yet it is as if they would prefer to retreat and retreat to the courtyard, to the outfield, to the family, to the drug, to the church, to sleep.