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Filmed murder – was threatened

Imad Abu Shamsiya filmed an Israeli soldier executing a wounded Palestinian in Hebron. Since then, the family has received several death threats. “We no longer dare go out alone. But I do not regret what I did, ”he says.

Engraving and secrecy

Grave journalism is a hot topic for the time being. The SKUP conference on investigative journalism, with 600 media people in Tønsberg as participants, was organized the same week as the Panama Papers was released in the media.

War crimes with Norwegian ammunition?

The war in Yemen has led to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. All the warring parties are responsible for war crimes, according to the UN. Nevertheless, Norway continues to export arms to the parties.

The camera lens as a political tool

The Italian political film is on Cinemateket's program this weekend. The social engagement of neorealism goes a few steps further in Elio Petri's uncovering of the alienating game of power, with clear lines of connection to the Kafkas Process.

Why I traveled to Chechnya

It is risky to travel to places where torture and murder take place. As a journalist, one can quickly become unwanted – and attacked. Just this happened on my trip in Chechnya.

US soldiers ignore rape of Afghan children

NATO soldiers in Afghanistan are training Afghan security forces to respect human rights, the US president claims. At the same time, it appears that US soldiers have been ordered to overlook systematic rapes of children perpetrated by the same security forces.

Five scenes from Berlin

Does the series of manifestations throughout history have validity today? After hearing the "chameleon" Cate Blanchett quote historical manifestations through various 13 characters, the answer is yes. 

Srnicek & Williams: Inventing the Future

The new information technologies have made the work no longer thought to constitute the essence of man.

Is VG published by NATO?

The World Gang is Norway's most read newspaper. The newspaper sets the agenda, and characterizes and dominates Norwegian political debate. Then it is a pity that the newspaper's defense and foreign policy profile is so uncritical that one would think the newspaper is published by NATO or the Pentagon. 

The dictatorship of silence

All attack wars start with a lie. Why didn't Norway smell like the pre-Libya bombing? And why is there a consensus not to discuss Norway's responsibilities afterwards?

The lies of the warlords

In this text, John Pilger writes of a "Faustian pact" between war-wielding elites who diminish the dangers of Western, modern fascism – well helped by propaganda disguised as news.

The end of democratic Israel?

The nation-state is becoming a saga. 

security tyranny

Our humanity is gradually wiped out as security measures increase. 

"The Lady" and the game about the Earth

Will Aung San Suu Kyi and the new government be able to involve the people in fulfilling the promise of a fair distribution of natural resources? It is...

Coal is out

27 coal companies are thrown out by the Oil Fund. But how green can a fund investing in 9000 international companies be?

About postmodernism: Hollow as a Swiss cheese

Flame Forlag's new book shows that the worst aspects of postmodernism live well.

Dugnad and citizen salary for the benefit of the poor and rich?

Is it time to replace the economic person with the organic or perhaps introduce a separate currency for the Tøyen district on Oslo's eastern edge in the same slump? 

Under the Lime Trees

People around the world don't like complicated situations, especially if they make it difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies.

Editor with life as effort

How free is the press in the former military dictatorship? Ny Tid spoke with Myanmar's perhaps most independent newspaper editor who is also critical of Norwegian support. 

Was the murder of Palme a coup?

Suspiciously many people walked around with walkie-talkies in the area just before the murder of Palme. Ny Tid's journalist was close by on the fateful night when Sweden's prime minister was shot. We ask why the police ignored a number of matching testimonies. 

Norwegians are also human beings, and corruption is not a rare, exotic or embarrassing disease ....

I have been investigating corruption and fraud for over 20 years, and spent half my time in Norway. 


Economic growth or ecological restriction?

Couples in corruption

How much should we really care about the corrupt conduct of Benjamin Netanyahu?

NATO's droning swan song

NATO has played its historical role, and is overpowered to shut down. When NATO was established in 1947, very few people imagined that the alliance would become a military force with Norway in tow. 

Prevention of terror against its intent

In the already monitored United Kingdom, citizens are required by law to report to one another to the authorities. This has put a damp hand on classroom discussions, culture of expression and mutual trust in the population.