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JULY 22: In my opinion, the police could have panicked

I transported 24 battered, shock-injured young people to safety on the mainland from Utøya. Several times I led the boat out to this hell on earth. Where were the police?

An investigative contemporary image of July 22

22. July:
Tommy Gulliksen: The legacy of July 22

Tommy Gulliksen's second documentary about July 22 shows a vulnerability that is both reflective, wondering and sincerely honest.

To stick together right into the fall of life

Some photographs in this book are perceived as ruthless, despite the fact that the photography was done among friends.

Norwegian radiation protection is based on a heavily criticized foundation

What does the Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety disregard, according to this post?

The song that disappears

I have become the mother of my own mother. But is repressed grief and depression one of the causes of dementia?

This is how Gunda sees the world

In what way can the human narrative of oneself be challenged by, for one hour and thirty-three minutes, looking at the world through the gaze of a pig?