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Norway at the top of Europe in nationalism?

We constantly hear that Norway is the world's best country, but this is not necessarily the case for the vast majority of Norwegians and people who move here.

What is security today?

If we want peace, we must prepare for peace, not war. In the preliminary party programs, no party in the Storting is in favor of disarmament.

Signs of the Media Times – interview with Truls Lie

MODERN TIMESs editor Truls Lie interviewed by Forum Borealis on several topics.


The Joint Viking 2021 exercise is a driving force in a «new cold war».

Bookchains social ecological model inspires

The surprise was big when Bookchin's co-worker, Janet Biehl, opened her letterbox at home in the USA in 2004 and found a letter from a former German diplomat who, on behalf of Abdullah Öcelan, wanted to establish contact to exchange thoughts on Bookchin's ideas.

The Kurds in Rojava

In Murray Bookchin's social ecology, Abdullah Öcalan saw how the dynamics of women's liberation could and must be reconciled with direct democracy and ecology.