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Caught in our own snare

What should we respond to our children?
In this ecological martial art, two academics declare a settlement with their own generation on behalf of their grandchildren. The result is a bumpy but sincere book – which succeeds best when it calls for direct action and declares ecological state of emergency.

The Norwegian philosopher Vetlesen and the Danish sociologist Willig are based in this environmental pamphlet on their professional knowledge, but as much on their own everyday experience and numerous lectures for school students. The critical energy that finds its outlet What should we answer our children??, springs from an acknowledgment of responsibility. The authors are not old enough to pose as ignorant actors obtained by the circumstances and unforeseen events. Nor are the young people enough to blame the generation before themselves or regard society as the work of others. They are part of an implied generation that has known that things have been on the wrong track and that has not done enough – and thus becomes answerable, as the title suggests. 

Traps and decorientering

The book is based on an intricate metaphor, the cunning "bird basket": a method of catching ducks that was banned a hundred years ago – because the intoxication was too effective! The point is not only that the predation on nature is a sad result of man's enterprising, but short-sighted. . .

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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