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Chaos always triumphs over order

ASSANGE: WikiLeaks is a puritanical illusion.

What crime is he charged with? Why are the powerful of the world so angry with him that they are pursuing him mercilessly, or hope (like Democrat Clinton) that one drone want to take him off days? Julian Assange's crime is that he believed in the words and concepts that form the basis of the liberal democracy and Western political culture: truth, openness and democracy.

The prolonged aggression against Assange – which breaks with the basis of information ethics, is abhorrent and hypocritical.

The philosophy behind WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange's personal participation, stems from an unwavering confidence in openness and information. Herein lies the strength of WikiLeaks, and therein lies its weakness. Confidence in transparency is WikiLeaks' weak point – I do not think the truth is omnipotent. The relationship between signs and reality is no longer clear, and the collective consciousness is overwhelmed by a stream of informational nerve impulses to the extent that openness is drowning in white noise. It is as if an excess of light causes the world to plummet into darkness.

The Dark Ages, as Europeans called the Middle Ages, were the result of an extreme absence of social interaction: a realm of silence. The darkness of our time, on the other hand, is the result of an unlimited spread of sources of information and stimuli – which shines upon us from a thousand. . .

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Bernardi is a philosopher, writer and activist living in Italy.

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