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Children on hunger

CRISIS: The situation in Gaza is desperate, especially for children, where basic services are disintegrating at the same rate as the economy.

At first glance, "Muna" looks like any baby in which she rests in her mother's arms, waiting to be weighed by a nurse. If you look more closely, you understand why the medical staff at the Ard El-Insan Children's Clinic in Gaza is concerned. Muna is nine months old, but weighs under five pounds – about the normal weight of a healthy six-week-old baby.

"It's heartbreaking, but normal," says a doctor. "Every day we see more than 50 cases of malnourished children, and the number is increasing."

The situation in Gaza is desperate, especially for the children, and is one of the world's least reported human disasters. The territory is in deep crisis after three wars since 2007, a prolonged Israeli blockade and a budget crisis driven by internal strife and cuts in aid.

Two years ago, the UN described the conditions for the two million people living on the coastal strip as "uninhabitable". Since then, the situation has. . .

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Watkins is the Secretary General of Save the Children in the United Kingdom. Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2019. www.project-syndicate.org

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