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The CIA cannot escape the rules

The CIA cannot use civilian aircraft and pretend to operate civilian, the Aviation Authority states.


It has come as a surprise to politicians in a number of countries that the US intelligence service CIA extensively uses civilian aircraft for secret prisoner transport.

All air traffic in the world is governed by the rules to which the countries bind. An important distinction is between civil aircraft and military or government aircraft.

In order for an aircraft to operate as a civil aircraft, clear rules apply to what is a civil flight. In addition, all civilian traffic must comply with the so-called Chicago Convention, which governs all civilian traffic.

Robert Haast, Director of Information at the Civil Aviation Authority, says the rules are clear in this area.

- According to the Chicago Convention, civilian operators / aircraft resident in states that are members of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) may perform non-scheduled flights through each other's airspace. The aircraft can also make landings for non-commercial purposes, without applying for a permit. However, all flights are registered with Avinor / Eurocontrol, as overflight fees must be paid for such flights. Here we are talking about, among other things, charter flights – and not scheduled flights.

Robert Haast further states that except for the aforementioned right are state aircraft.

Aircraft used by the military, the authorities or the police must be defined as state-owned. . .

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