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Byung Chul-Han: In the Swarm MIT Press. United States

Sometimes I read books that make me meet myself at the door. Or, to say a little differently, acts as a magic mirror for what I think. Either because they take a few bucks longer in a reasoning I've led or because they commit the same unreasonable jumps I tend to take myself. Both are the case of Byung Chul-Hans In the Swarm.

The technology psyche is to the touch of this South Korean (but Berlin-resident) philosopher. He hates digital more than me, and is so slanted that it is constantly annoying.

Lost community. When he writes about the difference between collective movements in analog reality, he is romantically rooted in the belief that the ability of political ideologies to form a "we" could bring about change (I say could, because it seems like he thinks that time is over). But when it comes to discussing collective movements in the digital world, all the nuances of nuance seem. . .

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