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Combination of gossip and substance

The Time of the Wizards. The great decade of philosophy 1919-1929.
Forfatter: Wolfram Eilenberger
Forlag: (Danmark)
PHILOSOPHY: The fascinating philosophical work Troldmændenes Tid manages to project a narrative about four thinkers and the lives that clearly shaped their thoughts.

How does a thought come to be? When will it take up residence in us? Where does it come from, out of nowhere?

The Time of the Wizards is a book about thinking. It is also a book that is good to think about. But most of all, it's a book that sets thoughts in motion about how thinking is actually created. The enchanting thing about the book – and yes, it is simply enchanting – is that the book manages to co-write the thought with the lived life. Let me try an explanation:

The book, written by the German philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger, is soberly described as a portrait of four philosophers or Germanic thinkers if you will – namely Ludwig Wittgenstein, Martin Heidegger, Walter Benjamin. . .

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Steffen Moestrup
Permanent contributor to MODERN TIMES.

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