Contrary to the will of the Nobel

NOBEL PRIZE: Alfred Nobel's will is a document that the executors by law are obliged to follow. Heffermehl documents that the committee appointed by the Norwegian Storting since 1901 has ignored the will.

Krohn is part of Norway out of NATO and in the Campaign against nuclear weapons.
Published: October 14, 2020
The back of the medal. Nobel Peace Prize - 100 years of unused opportunities

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The book is 425 pages, divided into three: "In Search of the Lost Vision", "Does the Nobel Prize have the potential to change the world?" and "Who Should Have Won the Peace Prize 1901–2019?".

I open Back of medal with anticipation and hope - can the book help save our only planet? Yes, with this masterpiece about the history of the Peace Prize, Heffermehl comes both with new knowledge and inspiration to all anti-war and peace activists, and with a strong appeal to gather to stop a third world war, which may be the last.

In the first part of the book, Heffermehl analyzes his way to the Nobel intention with the Peace Prize, by studying…

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