On a preview of Sea of ​​Shadows at Soho House in West Hollywood, we meet crew from the ship "Sea Shepherd" along with other characters from the documentary, including investigators Andrea Crosta and former CIA and FBI officer Mark Davis. They all fight against illegal trapping. The organization of Crosta and Davis, Earth League International (formerly the Elephant Action League), has previously collaborated with the director Richard Ladkani in the Oscar-nominated film The Ivory Game (2016).

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Criminal networks

Crosta's goal is to hunt and break up the international criminal networks that engage in illicit trafficking – the fourth largest form of illegal trafficking today. "We have concentrated on snipers and illegal trappers on the one hand and the buyers on the other side for too long," he says in the introduction. "The people behind these illegal networks don't care about any of the parts: They don't care about confiscations, arrests or ineffective awareness campaigns. Their business is running smoothly and no one is trying to get hold of them. "

The first scene in Sea of ​​Shadows takes place at night, at sea, in a wild boat hunt where armed poachers, ready to attack, try to shake off. . .

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