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The crisis when it comes

The next financial crisis will not be like the previous one.

Let me hint at this with Charlie Chaplin – as he sees two ways to film the joke with the banana peel: The first shows a well-dressed man walking down Fifth Avenue in New York. The camera then goes to the close-up of the banana peel itself, cuts to the foot that slips, and then a zoom-out with the man landing on his back. Ha ha ha. But the second scene, Chaplin explains, begins as the first, but then the man sees the banana peel, and smiles when he discovers the hidden film camera, and then quickly steps aside – but blind as he is for the open manhole cover, he falls into the hole.

Joseph Vogl

Berliner Joseph Vogl stands behind the bestseller The Ghost of the Capital – recently published in Norwegian as The ghost of capital (Publisher H // O // F, 2019, translated by Eirik Høyer Leivestad). The main point as I read the book is the irrational and unpredictable future of the financial market – despite the fact that economists still seem to believe in the market as fair. . .

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