Criticism of capitalism today

Two of the most important exponents of critical theory today, the American philosopher Nancy Fraser and the German philosopher Rahel Jaeggi, have sat down and discussed the status and conditions of capitalism-critical analysis today with a special focus on the issue of crisis. The result is a lengthy four-part conversation where they discuss what it means to practice critical theory today. Their conversation book is a testament to a renewed interest in attempting to conduct a critical contemporary analysis based on Marxism's analysis of capitalist mode of production. The immediate background of the conversation is the crisis, understood as the financial crisis and the economic crisis, but of course also the climate crisis and the political chaos that many national democracies are experiencing.


Fraser and Jaeggi see the crisis as a systemic crisis that has to do with deeper problems. These are not just minor, local challenges – an unscrupulous banking sector or Greek debt – no, we are dealing with a lot more. . .

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