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Cuba – Free Territory of America

Today, the Cuban revolution celebrates its 10 anniversary. That was the 2. January 1959 that Fidel Castro and his men moved into Havana and swept away Batista and his criminal regime.

Newspapers all over the world brought romantic portrayals of the bearded guerrillas, the Cuban revolution met with benevolence and sympathy. Yes, even in the United States, the revolution aroused enthusiasm in some quarters. Batista had gradually become a burden, the American exchange no longer worked effectively under his regime. Castro wanted to become an obedient and cooperative partner so that the economic exchange could continue under new and orderly conditions.

Never has an imperialist power committed. . .

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Sigbjørn Hølmebakk
Hølmebakk was a writer, debater, agitator, vernacular, organizer and politician in SF.

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