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Then Støre had to have the last word

What happens when a top politician and former Foreign Minister interviews author Carsten Jensen who reveals the true face of the war and raises questions of responsibility and guilt? 


He is not shadow-scared, Jonas Gahr Store, where he takes the microphone to interview Danish success writer Carsten Jensen about the novel The first stone at the House of Literature on 2 March. Not many Norwegian, yes, Nordic, politicians would dare to stand up against the wall of deadly facts and stories that Carsten Jensen plunges us into. It is our racism, our xenophobia, ignorance and impotence in the cultural encounters in the mountainous country of Afghanistan, which Jensen wants do something with. Be a midwife who with the form of the novel helps to advance the truth through poems and lies that hit cruelly. Of course, it must also have hit Støre where it hurts the most. Where the word "guilt" pushes itself forward.
What is war? asks Carsten Jensen, making Malreaux's words a central theme: War is “getting small pieces of iron to penetrate. . .

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John Y. Jones
Cand. Philol, freelance journalist affiliated with MODERN TIMES

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