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Dance at the venue

Now everyone will dance to silly and delicious techno again. Is it just a trendy bark?


[rave party] It is four o'clock in the morning and 200 people have decided to drop green Swix and Sunday tour in Marka in favor of the greyhound gym for heavy bass. There is a rave party in a dark factory room on Grünerløkka in Oslo, and the party has barely begun.

From the edge of the dance floor, people look like rocking shadows, but strobe lights reveal in a blue flash which motley gang moves together. Stubborn students dance with bumps and tattooed motorcycle thugs. Techno enthusiasts cut air with stiff palms, side by side with stiff rock boys in black leather jackets. A transvestite toasts with some pretty girls in boots and waves to a spastic guy with a huge clown hat on his head. The mildly complex clientele is apparently held together by a small common multiple: the techno rhythms from DJ Tore Jazztobakks and DJ Electric. . .

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