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David Graeber (1961–2020)

OBITUARY / : David Graeber died recently. MODERN TIMES chooses for once to bring an obituary – here over the anarchist who wanted to change our usual notions of what is possible and impossible, right and wrong, normal and strange.

Co-author: Jørgen Schnell (social geographer).

On Wednesday, September 2, American anthropologist and anarchist David Graeber died unexpectedly at just 59 years old. Both through his academic work and as a political activist, he was an original and thorough thinker who exerted an enormous influence.

During his academic career was Graeber including Yale and Goldsmiths, before becoming a professor at the London School of Economics in 2013. As a political activist, he was best known as a participant in the so-called anti-globalization movement around the turn of the millennium and for his central role in the early phase of Occupy Wall Street in 2011. The latter movement's famous slogan "We are the 99 percent" is often credited to Graeber.

Humane economies

Typical of Graeber was to address in an easy-to-understand way current issues people could. . .

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Daniel Vernegg
Social geographer.

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