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Those responsible go free

What good is it that the War Criminal Tribunal in The Hague possesses extensive material when it lacks international political will to bring Syrian executioners to justice?


In the text of the Syrian revolutionaries one feels the quivering but powerless anger over the conduct and omnipotence of the statesmen. It is also noted by Carla Del Ponte, the retired Chief Prosecutor of the War Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, who was interviewed over many pages in Der Spiegel, 24.11.2018: «The evil lurks, it twists, it chops, it is faster than one would have trusted. the »(p. 134 – 137).

The conversation with Der Spiegel's editor Romain Leick in Ascona, Switzerland, is permeated by the feeling we all have: What a difference between the 90s and the very first 00s persecution and arrest of war criminals from the former Yugoslavia and today's "Straflosigkeit" for even more tenacious and bloodthirsty criminals like the people and allies of the Assad regime. And Dal Ponte and her 600 employees in The Hague have (between 2011 and 2017) gathered all the material for the great trial against the Syrian executioners, but there is a lack of "the political will" to carry out such a very comprehensive trial that would involve Russia, Iran and China. Dal Ponte only mentions Putin as the one who would be summoned immediately. And neither she nor her staff were ever allowed to travel into Syria, so they had to interview the victims outside,. . .

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