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The land of broken hearts

The land of broken hearts. An insight into German politics
Forfatter: Ingrid Brekke
Forlag: Humanist Forlag, (Norge)
GERMANY / With the social democrat Olaf Scholz in the driver's seat, according to Brekke's new book, it may seem as if the "Merkelian" leadership style has taken hold. She also believes that Germany's interest in Norway is especially great right now.

Norwegian interest in German politics does not necessarily come by itself. Unless it's about "the war" (World War II) or socker. Who can honestly say that they know the reasons why the conservative party (CDU) run by Chancellor Angela Merkel for 16 years fell dramatically in popularity and had to watch the Greens, the "business party" FDP and the social democrats SDP take government offices in the 2021 election and formed a so-called "Ampel" government? (Alludes to the colors of traffic lights.)

Writer and journalist Ingrid Brekke makes a wholehearted effort to change this, in the book The land of broken hearts. An insight into . . .

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Ranveig Eckhoff
Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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