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The hidden services

Everyone knows that the secret police (Surveillance Police) exists, but few know how it works.

For decades, the psychological novel has occupied a dominant place in Norwegian poetry. It has been the author's deepest pity to shed light on dark places in the enigmatic depths called the human soul.

This year we have a book where the author takes his material from an area that is far more unexplored and secretive than the human mind: Our secret police. Here you have no research to stick to, here you can not conduct research on the spot to gain exact knowledge about the substance you want to treat. Everyone knows that the secret police (Surveillance Police) exist, but few have knowledge of how it works. We know the boss's name, we know where the headquarters are (Victoria Terrace). Our knowledge is otherwise limited to what leaks out in the event of "work accidents", ie leaks, or when the boss commits nonsense in newspaper interviews. . .

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Sigbjørn Hølmebakk
Hølmebakk was a writer, debater, agitator, vernacular, organizer and politician in SF.

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