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"They will probably be mistreated and tortured"

Human rights organizations are warning against sending two more Chechen men: "Great danger that they will be tortured and killed, and that the Norwegian authorities make the same fatal mistake again," both the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the Russian Memorial say.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

At Trandum there are two Chechen men to be sent out of Norway. Both the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the Russian human rights organization Memorial believe they can be tortured and killed if that happens.
"They came in the middle of the night and wore a hood over my head. They used electric shock so I fainted. They used something sharp to rip the nail off my finger, "says" Jonas, "who will remain anonymous because he fears the Chechen authorities may be torturing both him and his family in Chechnya.
"Jonas" has already been sent out of Norway once before. He says that at the time he was taken by Chechen security police and tortured, but that he managed to escape. A report from the National Institute of Public Health states that the injuries he has on his finger correspond to tearing. . .

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