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The powerful dogmatists

When you wait for the Messiah, both nuclear war and global warming can be good signs.


[nuclear weapons] Of all the threats to our chaotic world, nuclear weapons rank at the top. Combine them with anti-Semitism, and you have a combination that can make any upright person shudder.

No wonder one of the world's mildest human rights defenders, Elie Wiesel, doesn't put his fingers in describing Iran's president. Recently, he called Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "pathologically ill".

Wish it was that simple. The problem is that the Iranian leader is completely rational, from a religious fanatic's point of view.

As a zealous Shia Muslim, Ahmadinejad longs for the return of a so-called "hidden imam." It is a spiritual leader who, according to the Shiite tradition, mysteriously hid hundreds of years ago. Orthodox Shiites believe that the imam's return will usher in an era of worldwide. . .

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