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The red-green won the election

Although SV has lost every third voter, there is a red-green majority in the new parliament. The government negotiations between Ap, SV and Sp are now starting.


Kjell Magne Bondevik delivers his farewell application to the King today, Tuesday. For the first time since Willoch's coalition government in 1983-85, Norway has a majority government. The Labor Party and the Center Party are negotiating with the wind in the back, while the SV dropped from 12,5 per cent support in 2001 to 8,8 per cent in Monday's parliamentary elections. Thus, eight of the SV's representatives must leave the Storting.

Analyzes, comments and news items will follow in Ny Tid next Friday.

The red-green government has historically been in several ways: For the first time, the Labor Party will cooperate with other parties in government. For the first time, the Center Party is cooperating with parties to their left. And for the first time SV will sit in position.

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