The childless orphanage children

Care and abuse. Meetings with orphanage children.
Forfatter: Ingjerd Tjelle
Forlag: Nordnorsk forlag (Norge 2005)
A broad review of orphanages in Finnmark in the 1900 century. The book breaks down the mistreatment of children who have nothing left for what is practiced in adult prison camps. With the blessing of God.


Within racial hygiene one had a theory of "pauperism". It meant that criminals, prostitution, bad habits and so on were hereditary, and that this problem should be combated by sterilizing those who were carrying this substance. This was, for example, the reason why Scharffenberg wanted to sterilize tattoos.

Christians who worked in different mission associations looked at it differently; they felt that the environmental factor was more important, and that if you had children early enough away from poor homes, food, clothing and discipline, of course together with Christian preaching, could save children from a bad life.

Therefore, there were many mission associations that started orphanages early in the 1900 century. Journalist Ingjerd Tjelle's book is about such orphanages in Finnmark county. She became interested in this theme when the "Korsfjord case" became known in 2001. She writes: "Extensive abuse was alleged by about a dozen former orphanage children to have happened at the Korsfjord orphanage at Alta at the beginning of the 1960 century." Eventually, similar reports emerged from Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.

Schanke's memory Before the war, food could be scarce as well. . .

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