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Deadly everyday life in the United States

Another Day in the Death of America – A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives
Forfatter: Gary Younge
Forlag: Nation Books (USA)
Since January, more than 8000 has been killed and 15 000 injured in more than 32 000 shooting episodes in the United States. If this trend continues, the total number of dead will exceed 10 000 by the end of the year – the same number killed in the war in Yemen.

But the UN will hardly intervene. We are talking about the United States, and this is not the result of law and order breaking down, but instead being upheld. It is an effect of the Constitution, which guarantees the right to bear arms.

Another Day in the Death of America draws a macabre image of today's United States, and is clearly one of the most influential books on weapons and violence in the country. It has been translated into several languages, has appeared in several editions since it was published in 2016 and is still highly relevant.

His mother could only relax when he was in prison, because only there he was safe.

There are currently 89 weapons per 100 Americans. In Chicago, there are more dead and wounded each year than there are among Marines. . .

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Francesca Borri
Borri is a war correspondent and writes regularly for Ny Tid.

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