Defense speech for the small eyes of the airspace

AIR SPIES: Drones are not only the tools of power, but also of counter-power. They can be airspace hackers and can be used in the good service.

Published: September 21, 2020
The Good Drone, How Social Movements Democratize Surveillance
Author: Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick
Publisher: The MIT Press, USA

In 1857 the poet wrote Justinus Kerner about his fear of what would happen to the airspace in the future. He saw the heavenly tranquility be sabotaged by the spirit of mechanical mobility, by technology and the alarming advances. In the poem "Under the Sky" he writes about what he thought was rain dripping from above, but which turned out to be a leak from a flying oil barrel. Elsewhere in the poem he writes: "I look to the sky, to be sure / About why it is so dark / I discover a draft of goods, which sails past the sun."

Kerner may have been right in something, even though the market has hardly been able to - or will be able to -

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