Democracy in French-speaking Africa

SAHEL IN ENGLISH: France has strangely managed to preserve the hegemony over its former colonies, including in the dissemination of knowledge. This book is a much needed exception, which provides the background for understanding the recent coup in Mali.

Hansen is a professor of social studies at UiS and a regular reviewer in MODERN TIMES.
Published: October 2, 2020
Democratic Struggle, Institutional Reform, and State Resilience in the African Sahel

It is rare that professional literature on the former French colonies is published in Africa in English. With the exception of one of the editors for Democratic Struggle who are americans, all of the writers are africans from Sahel, the region they write about. All have doctoral degrees and are either professors, political advisers or civil society leaders. The six Sahel countries: Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso,, Niger and Chad, vies all…

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