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Democratic progress


We live in a historical moment.

And the historical lies in what may now appear as a democratic moment, in the long run can become more than a vision of a world based on democracy.

On Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of women, men, young and old stood in line to vote in the first free elections in Liberia. After the brutal civil war of 1989 to 2003, in which 200.000 died under Charles Taylor's rule of power, people now went from house to vote for their presidential candidate and new parliament.

The two presumed main contenders for the presidential post in Liberia are as diverse as they can get: 66-year-old grandmother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a Harvard-educated and former central bank of the World Bank. The 39-year-old challenger George Weah is a former superstar on the football field, raised in the slums of the capital Monrovia. While opposition politician Sirleaf has broad appeal with the elite, the urban and the wealthy, Weah is the hero of many young and poor. The country is meeting exciting and promising times.

But it is not just Liberia that is at the forefront. . .

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