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The European truth

Jens Bjørneboe
Jens Bjørneboe
Author. Wrote in Ny Tids predecessor Orientering.
50 YEARS AGO / It is obvious that whoever has come the farthest in terms of weapons technology also has the right God and the right religion – white colonizers had the only true faith.


From Orientering 50 år siden.

Two thousand years ago it lived in Palestine a rabbi and carpenter named Joshua, who had come from heaven to earth to save the world. Which world? The world is of course our world, it is us. Well, the world adopted Joshua and became Christian, that is, it adopted Christianity as its official religion.

This was the first world.

Countries that produced world-historical highlights of culture, a thousand years before the Europeans had crawled down from the trees

Since then we 'discovered' the other world. For it had not been discovered before, at least not by anyone other than those who lived there, and they naturally could not discover themselves. 'Discover' can only the whites. And step by step we discovered more and more new areas, finally we even discovered the third world.

Both in the second and third world there was much to be had, both in terms of labor and in gold, silver and precious stones. When we had discovered all this, we settled in a land flowing with milk and honey, and there we stayed until there really wasn't much left to send home. But before it got that far, some of the lands' rightful owners had grown tired of being the object of the looting and therefore tried to chase the guests out of the areas. But it didn't go well, because then the whites had to punish them for 'rebellion'. The 'natives' actually 'rebelled', if they tried to dislodge the lords. But it wasn't easy.

The Gentlemenit not only had the world's best weapons, it also had the world's best religion – furthermore, the lords were legally and legally the new owner of the land, so that all attempts to get rid of the invaders were de facto illegal and criminal acts. There were 'deceitful' ambushes on the whites and their self-described right to do whatever they wanted at the expense of others. Besides, the 'natives' were 'lazy' and they didn't like working for twelve cents a day. They bowed only to force of arms, that was the only thing they understood. And the one who has the best weapons is right and therefore also has God on his side.

It is thus also obvious that the person who has come the farthest clean armstechnically, also has the right God and the right religion. The white colonizers had the only true faith.

This is as obvious as colonizerone's natural right to take over the occupied territories and christen them the 'Belgian' Congo, the 'French' Congo, etc., – as obvious as the white 'rights' when it came to the material plundering of occupied territories.

'The Third World'

- One should note the wording: 'The third world', to 'discover' a country that has been inhabited by people for millennia; one 'had to send a punitive expedition'; that it is 'rebellion' to want to chase the burglars at the door; and that one is 'lazy', if one does not like to work without payment for the prosperity of one's occupants.

One is 'lazy' if one does not like to work without payment for the prosperity of one's occupants.

One would think that with an expression like the third world, the peak of arrogance and haughtiness would have been reached, – especially when by this you mean countries that produced world-historical high points of culture, a thousand years before the Europeans had crawled down from the trees.

But no, our self-awareness is not content with the temporal and earthly – we must also carry eternity with us, even beyond we will stand in a special position: Our religion is the best and only correct one. For was it not founded by a man who already 2000 years ago saved the world, and charged us to make all peoples his disciples?

Can one imagine a bigger one , vmod than the belief that of all , ligion#er is ours the only right one? That only us whites own the truth? So it is this one , ropeisk#e truth we celebrate.


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